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Lego Movie Alarm Clock

Any Lego fanatics, especially who just watch Lego Movie and love the mocie would love to have these cool Lego Movie alarm clocks as you can see below. There are 3 models to choose from. There is Emmet, Wyldstyle and Bad Cop Alarm Clock. Featuring moveable parts such as wrists, legs, arms and head (for alarm and light). Get one today for your Lego theme room decor and to complete your collection. These alarm clocks also would make a great gift for birthday, Christmas or any special occasion.

lego movie alarm clock emmet

Emmet Clock

lego movie alarm clock Wyldstyle

Wyldstyle Clock

lego movie alarm clock bad cop

Bad Cop Clock


Lego Monster Fighters Clock

If you are a big fan of Lego Monster Fighters, then you might want to check these spooky Monster Fighters clocks below. There are two styles available, Lego Monster Fighter Vampire and Mummy clock. These clocks have digital LCD display, alarm, light and snooze function. You can move their arms and legs just like when you play Lego figurine. They look scary and perfect for any Lego Monster Fighters fans. Get one today and put it in your bedroom.

Monster Fighters vampire clock Monster Fightersmummy clock







Lego Toy Story Clock

If your have a Disney Toy Story fanatics at home, then these cute Disney Toy Story clocks from Lego would make them so excited. You can choose from Lego Woody or Buzz Light year clock. Lego Toy Story Woody featuring Woody figure complete with this cowboy hat. Lego Toy Story Buzz Light Year featuring Buzz figure complete with his rocket wing. The clock size is approx. 8 inches tall. It has LCD display, alarm, back light so you can see it at the dark during night time. They make a great addition to any Toy Story theme room. Perfect for any Disney Toy Story fans. Get one today for your Toy Story collection.


lego toy story woody clock lego toy story buzz lightyear clock


Lego Pirates of Caribbean Clock

Check out these awesome Lego Pirates of Caribbean clocks below. They looks so cool and perfect for any Pirates of Caribbean fans to collect. Choose from Jack Sparrow clock or Barbosa clock. The clock is LCD display which will light up in red when you push down on head. It has 12 hour or 24 hour display option with arms and legs of the figure can be move. They are great as an addition to your Pirates theme bedroom. Get one today and start waking up with Lego Pirates of Caribbean alarm clock.


pirates caribbean clock jackpirates of caribbean barbosa clock


Lego Chima Clock

These super cool Lego Chima clocks are great for any Lego Chima fans. You can choose from two characters Lego Chima clocks, Laval clock or Cragger clock. Laval clock comes in blue color featuring Laval figure and Cragger clock comes in green color featuring Cragger. They are digital LCD clock which require 2 x AAA batteries. They make a great clock for any Lego Chima fans and also make a great gift idea. Get one today and put it in your Lego theme bedroom.

lego chima laval clocklego chima cragger clock