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Disney Frozen Lamp

Check out these gorgeous Disney Frozen lamps below. There are 3 styles to choose from. The size is approx. 17 inches tall x 10 inches diameter on the shade. It requires type A 40 W max. or CFL 13 W max. bulb. Featuring beautiful picture of Princess Elsa and Anna. These table lamps would make a great addition to any Disney Frozen theme bedroom. Get one today for your collection.

disney froxen lamp elsa

disney frozen lamp sister forever

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Lalaloopsy Lamp

Add light and colour to your child’s bedroom with this super cute Lalaloopsy table lamp. Featuring picture of Lalaloopsy on the lamp shade with colourful colours. The size is approx. 18 x 10 x 10 inches. It requires 40 watt light bulb. It has pull string switch that make it easier for even little fingers to turn on and off. This lamp would make a great addition to any Lalaloopsy theme room. Get one today for your child. Perfect for any Lalaloopsy fans.

lalaloopsy lamp amazon

Minecraft Light Up Redstone Ore Night Light

Check out this cool Minecraft Light Up Redstone Ore Night Light below. It is so cool and would make a great addition to any Minecraft theme bedroom. Featuring Tap to light up. Tap once for low light, a second time for medium and third time for bright. This super cool Minecraft night light is made from ABS plastic construction and glows with internal LEDs. The size is approx. 3 x 3 x 3 inches. Must have for any Minecraft fanatics.

Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore amazon

Peppa Pig Lamp

Check out these cute Peppa Pig lamps below. They look so cute, featuring soft pink colour and picture of Peppa Pig. The first one is Peppa Pig table lamp with size approx. 23 x 19 cm. The second one is Peppa Pig push night light with size approx. 10 x 4 cm. And the last one is glittery night light with size approx. 16 x 5 cm. These lamps would make a great addition to any Peppa Pig theme bedroom. Get one today for your kids.

peppa pig lamp peppa pig puch nigh light peppa pig lamp glitter


Betty the Boop Lamp

Check out for some Betty the Boop lamps below. They would make a great addition to any room with its bright red colour and beautifully made figures on the base. Choose from 5 designs below. Featuring red lamp shade with text saying “Betty Boop” and image of lip, also a cute Betty the Boop figure on the lamp base. The size of the lamps are ranging from 15 – 16.7 inches. These lamps would make a great addition to any Betty the Boop room such as your bedroom.


betty boop lamp blue dress betty boop lamp golf betty boop lamp red betty boop lamp white gown betty boop lamp amazon

Walking Dead Lamp

Add some spooky room decor to your room with this Walking Dead lamp below.  Featuring Zombie hand reaching up from the lamp base. The measurement is approx. 10.5 x 10.5 x 21 inches. It uses 60 w bulb. It would make a great addition to any Walking Dead fans room.  walking dead lamp



Elvis Presley Lamp

Check out for some cool Elvis Presley Lamps below. They are perfect as addition to any Elvis Presley theme room. You can choose from some styles and models available below. The first one is Elvis Presley animated lamp featuring Elvis Presley figure with his microphone and guitar. When you press the on/off button, Elvis will sings and dances on the stage. The second one is Elvis Presley lamp with guitar figure on the bottom and lamp shade featuring Elvis picture. The third one is Elvis Presley glass panels lamp that has touch sensor for 3 level light setting. And the last one is Elvis Presley animated lamp. Great lamp for any Elvis Presley fans to collect.

elvis presley animated lamp elvis presley g uitar lamp elvis presley lamp elvis presley table lamp

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Monsters High Lamp

These awesome Monsters High lamps would bright up any Monsters High fan’s room. Check out for some styles available below. There is a Monsters High Lava Lite lamp featuring picture of Skullette. This lamp has hot pink wax with clear liquid and Monsters High print base and cap. The wax could flow, split, collide as they make way up and down the glass globe. The size of the lamp is approx. 11.5 inches. There are also 3 styles of Monsters High cylindrical lamp featuring different picture of characters form Monsters High. The size of the lamp is approx. 30 x 10 cm. What a cool lamps and they would make a nice addition to any Monsters High theme bedroom. Get one for your room today.

monsters high lampmonsters high lamp multocolor monsters high lamp pink monsters high lamp rose

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Dena Happi Tree Lamp

This Dena Happi Tree and Owl lamp and shade would looks cute in your child’s bedroom or your baby nursery room. It is a hand painted resin lamp base decorated with 2 adorable owls sitting on the branch with some cute flowers. It comes with an on/off switch and required one 60 watt lamp. It would make great addition to any Owl theme bedroom.

Tree Owl lamp