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Betty Boop Pencil Holder

Any Betty the Boop fanatics can now collect their favourite Betty Boop Pencil Holder as you can see below. Featuring Betty Boop in her Sailor dress, this pencil holder is made from resin and hand painted. The size is approx. 15 inches tall. Great for display on your working desk. Perfect for any Betty Boop fans.


betty boop pencil holder


Walking Dead Pencil Holder Zombie

Put something scary something zombie on your desk with these Walking Dead pencil holders. Choose from 2 designs available below. They are made from quality resin and hand painted. It can hold one pencil or pen. Perfect for any Walking Dead fans.

walking dead pencil holder zombie walking dead pencil holder amazon


Lego Pencil Holder

Looking for something for a Lego fanatics to complete the look of their working or studying desk? You should check out for some awesome Lego pencil holders below. There are 2 designs available. The first one consist of 157 pcs blocks in red, yellow, green, blue and white colours, 2 pencils and one mini figure doing painting job. The second one is Lego Friends pencil holder featuring 3 compartments with accessories such as hedgehog, bunny, flowers, white picket fence and more. Would make a great collection for any Lego Friends fanatics.


lego pencil holder 1 lego pencil holder