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How To Train Your Dragon Headphones

Check out this awesome How To Train Your Dragon 2 headphones below. They are high quality headphones but still friendly to your child’s ears that has sound level protection in place. Featuring Toothless’s eyes on the ears side and also dragon wing. Great for any How To Train your Dragon to listen to music with. Get one today for your collection or make it as a gift for someone special who love How To Train Your Dragon.


how to train your dragon headphones


Adventure Time Headphones

Listen to your favorite music is fun, but it is much more fun listening to your favorite music with your favorite Adventure Time headphones and earbuds. There are 3 designs of Adventure Time headphones as you can see below. There is Finn headphones in blue and white colors, Jake headphones in yellow color and Beemo headphones in green colors. The headphones has soft cushioned ear cups that swivel for your comfort, volume control and noise isolating. Choose which one os your favorite character and start listening your favorite music with it.

adventure time headphones beemo adventure time jake headphones adventure time headphones finn1


There are 2 styles of Adventure Time earbuds as pictures below. There is Jake in yellow and Finn in blue and white earbuds. These earbuds includes extra ear cushions. The earbuds compatible with iPod, iPad and other audio devices. Start listening to music with styles. Perfect for any Adventure Time fanatics.

adventure tie jake earbud adventure time earbud